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Oral Surgery

Implant Procedure (Straumann, Bego, Bredent,DTİ...)

Dental implant placement is the solution proposed in dental surgery to artificially replace the root of the tooth for prosthesis. Dental implantology is recommended only when the root has been extracted or severely infected. The implant is then buried under the gum and will be used to accommodate a crown, a bridge-bridge or a denture.

Implant treatments have considerably reduced the use of removable prostheses thanks to various state-of-the-art systems. Their short duration of placement, longevity of use and comfort close to the original teeth are all advantages placing the implants at the top of the treatments chosen in the event of absence of teeth.

An implant consists of an artificial tooth root placed in the jaw or maxillary bone to replace the missing tooth or teeth. The implants stop the process of bone resorption which continues physiologically following the loss of teeth.

We can perform the implants the same day after the extraction (immediate implant), or after bone healing (osseointegration) following the extraction (2-3 month waiting period).

The implants consist of 2 parts. This is the screw part, made of titanium or Zirconium, which we insert into the bone, and the upper structure, namely the tooth part (crown).

Either we perform the preparation of the dental part (crown) after the fusion of the bone and the implant;

Either we perform its placement immediately following the extraction (immediate implant) especially in cases where the teeth concerned are incisors, therefore the oral aesthetic region.

One Day Implant Procedure (Straumann, Bego, Bredent...)

This procedure involves placement of dental implant together with the crown in replacement of missing tooth/teeth.

All on Four Implant Procedure

All on four implant system is used for completely edentoulus patients and patients with severe periodontitis. This system consists of four implants in the upper, four implants in the lower jaw, and the complete dental bridge placed on the implants.Why All on Four Implant System?The procedure is quick and the patient will never have to stay in an edentoulus state.

Maxillary Sinus Lift

This is a delicate surgical procedure done by lifting the floor of the maxillary sinus and placing a bone graft in the sinus. This procedure is for patients with low maxillary sinus and reduced amount of bone which may be required for placing dental implants.

Tooth Extraction

Extraction/ removal of teeth can be done in cases of broken teeth, or decayed teeth which can no longer be treated and needs to be and replaced.

Surgical tooth Extraction

Extraction/ removal of teeth can may need to be done surgically in cases of root fractures, or ankylosed teeth.