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Zulal Palazlı

Dr. Zulal Palazlı

Founder of Smile İnternational poly clinic, University Lecturer, Graduate of Bezmialem University and Knightsbridge Academy, and finally,  creator of Dr. Zuzup program for children with anxiety.

Early years:

As most of people, dr zülal had a difficult time getting herself in the dental Office. Going to the dentist meant facing one of her biggest fears in life. Fortunately she was lucky to meet a dentist that helped her in overcoming her anxiety.

She was a very welcoming and kind dentist . through her patience and motherly approach, dr Zülal could finally trust the dentist and even started going to the dental clinic with much more ease.

Through the given motivation, she found her life purpose; becoming an excellent dentist in order to be someone that can not only inspire people trust and confort, but also be the one that can provide people the best life happiness indicator – A HEALTHY BEAUTİFUL SMİLE!

As an excellent dentist, she who would make going to the dentist a happy occasion.

Dental school life:

As an ambitious young student, she opened her clinic even before graduating dental school. Her clinic follows her ownlife  principles and ethics.

Post graduate work experience:

She took a special interest in esthetic dentistry which lead her to pursue many courses such as orthodontics at the Knightsbridge Academy London.

Diplomas, Certificates:

Bezmialem vakıf Üniversitesi

18 August 2017

Degree: Doctor of dental surgery

Knightsbridge Academy London

16th of October 2016 – Certificate in Medical Aesthetics Training, Foundation, Dermal fillers (level 1)

                 –  Certificate in Medical Aesthetics,  Advanced, Dermal fillers (level 2)

                 – Certificate in Medical Aesthetics Training, Foundation, Botulinum Toxin A (level 1)

                   – Certificate in Medical Aesthetics Training, Advanced, Botulinium Toxin (level 2)

09th Of December 2018 – Certificate of Completion ın Orthodontics

Dentaklinik dr Ryssel+ partner

14 untill 17th November 2017, Crailsheim, Germany – Certificate in modern implant therapies

DSD Digital Smile Design

13th of May 2018, İstanbul, Turkey – Certificate of DSD Concept Hands-on

Dentsply Sirona

25 May 2019- Anterior composite restorations updated approach and clinical hint

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