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Your Dental Treatment in 4 Simple Steps

Understanding that coming to the dentist can be an overwhelming event, we have simplified it for you in 4 simple steps. Dr. Zulal and her team are here to help you throughout the whole process.

Book your free phone consultation with Dr. Zulal and start your journey to your new smile.

Meet Dr. Zulal for your first consultation in person or video consultation. The consultation and radiograph cost will be applied towards your dental treatment procedure. Dr. Zulal will inform you of all the treatment options.

Dental check up

Panoramic Xray

Treatment Planning

After you book your appointment for your treatment Dr. Zulal and her team will make sure you are well informed about the procedure and post operative care. Your comfort with the procedure is a very important part of the treatment.

Post operative period is an important time for care and maintenance of your treatment, so you can enjoy the smile you desire and experience you deserve.



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