Smile International

Smile International

Before - After

Before: Generalized gingivitis, missing teeth, high amount of dental , esthetic complains 
After:  Zirconia Laminate Veneers and crowns

Before: Bruxist patient, occlusal level decreased
After:  Posterior Zirconium crowns restoration, anterior EMax Laminate Veneer system

Before: Asymetric teeth that undergo orthodontic treatment and mild caries
After: Esthetic composite on anterior teeth

Before: Generalized gingivitis, acculated dental calculus
After :  Dental scaling, polishing and Whitening (Opalescence whitening system)

Before: Periodontitis, dental stones and stains
After: Dental cleaning then polishing

Before: Periodontitis, dental calculus
After: Dental scaling cleaning and polishing

Before: Dental stone accumulated
After: Dental scaling and polishing, Whitening (Opalescence Whitening system )